NBN chief pushes future of internet “Digital Eruption”: NBN Co chief Bill Morrow said that the NBN rollout would prepare Australia for the ongoing development of digital technology.

TweetFacebookThe CEO of NBN Co, Bill Morrow, has used an address at the National Press Club to espouse the future advantages being offered by the rollout of the government’s NBN plan.

At the speech last Wednesday, Mr Morrow addressed the enormous effect the development of technology is having on businesses, industry and the economy.

“Those trends are only going to exacerbate with the connection of every Australian home and business to high speed broadband,” he said.

“The NBN network that is currently being rolled out is set to be available to all 12 million premises over the next five years.”

Mr Morrow said that, rather than “being cowed by the digital disruption”, the development of the internet and broadband connectivity throughout the country has opened up opportunities through online services and communication.

“Right around Australia we are experiencing the beginnings of a seismic digital eruption – an innovation-led economic impetus that looks likely to help Australia maintain its high standard of living and enable us to lift it even higher,” he said.

“Beyond our capital cities, whole communities are adopting this new mindset.

“Take Geraldton for example, where the first commercial data centre has been built in regional WA, offering high speed internet business services and cloud computing, data management and disaster recovery solutions to businesses throughout WA.”

Mr Morrow said that currently 10 per cent of the country had access to the NBN, with the full roll-out expected to be completed by 2020.

“Governments, councils, businesses and individuals have their role to play too in continuing to drive innovation,” he said.

“But we have seen what an nbn mindset can do for a town or community. Imagine what it can do for an entire nation.”